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About VIP Club


About VIP Club


Salelolita VIP Membership has 4 levels—Platinum, Gold ,Silver , Copper. The level you are in determines the benefits & privileges you’re entitled to. All buyers are automatically assigned a membership level once they meet the minimum payment requirements (see table below). Membership status will be reviewed and renewed everyday based on your trade amount.



To Obtain VIP Membership


VIP Level Accumulated Transaction Amount * VIP Discount
  Platinum  VIP Platinum >=US $6999 15% Off
  Gold         VIP Gold >=US $2999 10% Off
  Silver       VIP Sliver >=US $999 5% Off
  Copper   VIP Copper >=US $199 2% Off



*Successful payment amount refers to the amount paid after the our ships your order.

*We reserve the right to cancel the VIP qualification if the user is found cheating.