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How Can I Check The Status of My Order after Payment


During the process of purchase, you will receive several emails from us. There will be an email confirming your order information. We will also email you the tracking number after we ship out your package. You also can log in your salelolita account to check status of all your orders. Log in. You can also contact with our online salesman or customer service representative to get assistance


Cancel Your Order before Payment


If you have not paid for your order, there is no need to contact us to cancel it. We receive hundreds of ‘test' orders each day which our members are using to quote certain cart contents and save the invoice for later reference.
We ignore all orders until a matching payment is received. So if you haven't paid, don't worry, we're not processing your order. You are under no obligation to follow through and pay for an order.  Note: If your order is staying more than one week you may not be able to "reactivate" it by sending payment, as prices, shipping rates and/or currency conversion rates may have changed. In this case, simply reorder your item.


Cancel Your Order after Payment


If you have already paid for your order and wish to cancel, please contact customer service as soon as possible.


Change Your Order after Payment


Please contact us and put the order on hold while you decide. This will stop the packing process so you still have a chance to make changes.
To add items to your order without canceling any previous items, contact us. There is no charge for this service.  Note: If the goods have already been delivered we cannot cancel or change the order. See returns and refund policy.