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Important Information Customer Need to Pay Attention to


When you sign up for a salelolita account, you are indicating that you agree to the policies and terms we've published on our site. salelolita.com is one of large shop of salelolita Group, offering fashion productd, like victorian dresses,gothic clothing,cosplay costumes,sexy lingeries,mascot costumes,catsuits zentai,accessories,shoes, etc. So there are some of the most important tips that you must be aware of before placing orders:


- salelolita sends goods to you from China. As such, you (or the consignee) are IMPORTING. In many countries this means you will be liable for import duties and other taxes. It's your responsibility to find out about this, and your responsibility to pay the taxes/charges on receipt of the items.


- Generally most of the couriers can not deliver to PO Box. So please offer us a street address. 


- You need a valid phone number in your account.