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You are one of the largest china wholesaler. Shop on salelolita, and enjoy the surprises and happiness.
salelolita is a large online shop with discount and low price for purchasing victorian dresses,gothic clothing,cosplay costumes,sexy lingeries,mascot costumes,catsuits zentai,accessories,shoes, and various items,Our all of victorian dresses,lolita clothing,cosplay costumes,mascot costumes can be Customized, acept any size and color which our factory have this color,We're provide OEM service,Please click OEM-Link As one of the largest china wholesale company, we have large scale entity factory which mainly produces clothing, and hundreds of partners and manufacturers support for our product lines. We are popularly praised by broad consumers and our business partners, with our credibility, low price, quality guarantee and swift logistics support.


High Quality


All the products are produced strictly in accordance with the production procedures: quality inspection on the assembly lines and strict quality inspection for finished product. Only high-quality goods can leave the factory and all our manufacturer’s factories.


High-speed Production Process


With the most advanced production equipment and standard production processes, all the production cycle is 7-14 days shorter than the other similar products. Customers are always surprised by our notice that their ordered items are already made for them.


Careful Packing


salelolita’s Professional Warehouse Personnel will take good care of your orders by making sure they are packed strictly according to our high packing standards.


Worldwide Fast Shipping


salelolita is able to offer world class shipping through partnerships with UPS and other major carriers. What’s more, salelolita valued customers can choose the fastest shipping method if it is a rush order.


Warm and Friendly Service


salelolita values the relationship with all our customers like you, so our customer service team is right here waiting for you to provide the timeliest help. We are consistently adding new products and want to ensure that our staff is well trained in the latest trends and offerings. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We are closely tracking and updating your order information.


Respect for Your Privacy


salelolita respects your privacy. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority. We are forbidden to share any your information with others. All personal data is stored on our secure server with several layers of firewall protection. Please click our Privacy Policy to know more.