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Pure Black Gothic Lolita Umbrella
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Pure Black Gothic Lolita Umbrella

Every girl or lady should have at least 3 umbrellas or parasols: rain umbrella, sun umbrella and ornamental umbrella. Here come our Victorian Lolita Umbrellas Collection on salelolita.com. All our umbrellas have that 'WOW' factors that allow you to really stand out from the crowd. No matter what kind of girl or lady you are: pretty, melting, cute, sexy, elegant, graceful, tiny, tall or big, or full of Queen temperament, you will absolutely find your Victorian Lolita Umbrella. Look at this one: Pure Black Gothic Lolita Umbrella. Is this your style? If so, the shorttest answer is doing!

Name: Pure Black Gothic Lolita Umbrella
Specifications: Shove off diameter: 110cm, length: 87cm
Texture:  high-density PG cloth
Function: water-proof and sun-proof

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