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Lace flower vine wine red crystal necklace, red rose false collar pendant necklace jewelry MTN71

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Audience full of 88 yuan from the grant , a single paragraph without limit from the bulk , large negotiable.
VAMPIRE.MOTO quality products , reasonable prices , excellent service and a number of manufacturers to establish a long-term relationship .


............Original ? Graceful ? Vintage..............


[ Wholesale ]

1 full 88 yuan mixed batch , the number and style without limitation , each one from the grant, the total over 88 can wholesale.

2 new every week is not regularly updated , in-store styles are original handmade jewelry , handmade can not be hundred percent flawless , discerning customers hope to understand.

[ Shipping u0026 Returns]

There through courier , SF Express optional , default hair through , you can send large logistics needs such as the need to contact customer service notes issued SF . Pre-delivery inspection will have a strict hand , try to ensure that no quality problems, but who can not do handmade products hundred percent flawless product , please understand. Upon receipt of the goods out of the question , please take pictures with us in the first time , please contact us and put the order number reported to us, we will give a timely manner.

[ Fading and color issues ]

Chromatic aberration can not be avoided , in-store products are individually wrapped , but after all, not real money , it can not guarantee that does not fade , wear is recommended before applying clear nail polish would be better of .


If you do not Aliwangwang , you can get in touch with us through our QQ and telephone.

Domestic please contact the online customer service . Or QQ 935862531

Foreign orders please contact the person in charge of foreign trade department : Side Manager 13732419501



............Original ? Graceful ? Vintage..............


[Material] : imported lace alloy

- Size: necklace body length is 27CM, followed by buttons and adjust the chain can be adjusted to the tightest of about 28CM, the song can be adjusted to 38CM. Handmade exists within 2CM error .


Kind shooting follows:











............Original ? Graceful ? Vintage..............


Original ? ? retro personality


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