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Renaissance Dresses | Renaissance Clothing Ball Gown

We provide incredible selection of women vintage renaissance dresses and gowns. Here you will find renaissance dresses,renaissance ball gowns clothing befitting grand ladies of the court. These intricately detailed period dresses are inspired by the styles of renaissance eras. High quality materials make up each of our renaissance historical dresses, so shop here for brocade renaissance gowns, velvet dresses, silk,taffeta and cotton renaissance dresses. Made by hand, our dresses can be tailored to fit your unique size, making it easier than ever to get the look of your dreams. Whether your event calls for an ornate ball gown or a country maiden dress, we have medieval raiment of the highest quality ready to represent your unique taste with historic authenticity, style, and unmatched beauty at your next historical reenactment or special occasion.

Renaissance Fashion

The Renaissance was a cultural movement that profoundly affected European intellectual life in the early modern period. Beginning in Italy, and spreading to the rest of Europe by the 16th century.

In the 1460s, women's fashion shifted from high-necked gowns and braided hair wrapped around the head to layered V-shaped necklines and longer braids. Gathered and pleated skirts were popular.Women's fashion at the time could be defined by one word: fullness.

For women, the basic style of gown was made of a tight-fitting bodice and then a filled out skirt would hang down to the ankles. In fashion, while also being accepted wear at the time, women’s dresses were cut to expose the neckline. In the upper class the clothing women wore was very cumbersome and restricted their movement. This usually required servants to help dress the wearer. While the lower class women would wear much lighter clothing that was easy to dress themselves. Now all women’s clothing started with a loose linen smock worn to protect the gown, with knee high stockings. For added warmth a woman could wear a petticoat.

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