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Marie Antoinette Dresses | Ball Gowns

Marie Antoinette - the Queen of  France and Navarre of 1774-1792. Marie Antoinette was known for her great love of fabric. At the 18th century, Recoco fashions was established by the Louis XV’s mistress Madame Pompadour. She adored pastel colors and the light, happy style which came to be known as Rococo, and subsequently light stripe and floral patterns became popular. Towards the end of the period, Marie Antoinette became the leader of French fashion, as did her dressmaker Rose Bertin. Extreme extravagance was her trademark, which ended up majorly fanning the flames of the French Revolution.

Marie Antoinette Fashion

Marie Antoinette is often described as the first consumer of ‘haute couture’ fashion – one-of-a-kind pieces designed and made to measure for her by her ‘Minister of Fashion’ Rose Bertin.

Thanks to her skills and her spendthrift Royal client, Bertin became the first famous ‘fashion designer’, and her creations would inspire a nation.

Marie Antoinette's fashion masterpieces included costumes of extreme extravagance for court appearances. She was the first young and fashionable Queen in three generations to hold the public absolutely captivated by what voluminous, heavily decorated creation she would wear next.

For more casual wear with friends away from the court, Marie Antoinette favoured rustic and simple muslin gowns in whites and pastel colours, which also set new trends.

Fashion has moved on since the days of Marie Antoinette, and whilst we no longer attempt to dress like her day-to-day, the concept of 'celebrity style', influencing and imitated by society at large, is as strong now as ever.

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