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How to link with salelolita.com?
Welcome to link with us, please add the source code to your site, then E-mail us the page on which our logo is, and also your link information. We will deal with it within 24 hours.


E-mail: salelolita@salelolita.com 

1. To add a text link, the website name and URL are as follow:
Title:Lolita & Victorian Dresses Online Shop-Salelolita.com
URL: http://www.salelolita.com
Description: As the world-leading wholesale company, salelolita group supply thousands of high-quality merchandise at wholesale prices. We deal in single order or wholesale orders. Experience professional service, high quality, high-speed production and fast shipping now

2. To add a graphical link, please add on of the following graphics to your web site.Email us to admin@salelolita.com. Send us the link page you have placed our link and your link details, inluce your Title, URL, Description. We will response within 2 days.




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